2020 Alphabiotics Training & Certification - Texas

Dallas, TX

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Program Includes

The in-house training is primarily hands-on, lectures, and question and answer periods. The class work, is combined with home-study and home-work, along with online Alphabiotic curriculum. The Alphabiotic textbook is furnished in the online training and resource center.

  • Alignment Table
  • Series Of Eight 3-day Classes
  • Training/Manual Set (Downloadable Pdf)
  • Hands-On Training By Certified Instructors
  • Personal On-screen Frame-By-Frame Evaluation
  • ‍Online Portal For Accessing Material & Community

What You Will Learn

The Alphabiotic Professional Training is comprehensive and thorough. The student will learn about a remarkable hands-on helping method, time-tested, proven Alphabiotic Alignment Process. You'll discover;

  • The Incredible Intelligence Within You
  • Insight Into Inappropriate Stress
  • Brain Hemisphere Balance & Imbalance
  • Joy & Whole Person Congruence
  • What “Inner Peace” Truly Means

Board Certification

Students are required to attend a minimum of 8 core classes. Upon completion of the last core class, all study modules and coursework the student is eligible for certification with the recommendation of the lead Instructor.

Board-certified Alphabioticists are thoroughly tested, proficiency critiqued, and rated. In addition, certified Alphabioticists are required to maintain their proficiency rating and re-certification annually.

2020 Texas Training Schedule

Class 1 - January 16-18 - CANCELLED (See Note below).
Class 2 - February 13-15
Class 3 - March 12-14
Class 4 - April 23-25
Class 5 - May 14-16
Class 6 - June 25-27
Class 7 - July 23-25
Class 8 - August 13-15

*NOTE: JANUARY CLASS CANCELLED DUE TO DALLAS TORNADO. On Sunday, October 20th 2019 ten tornados hit North Texas in the worst storm since 1976. One tornado, an EF-3, travelled on a path 15 miles through North Dallas. The damage is currently assessed at 2.5B. The Alphabiotic Training Academy was only a few feet from the funnel cloud which leveled buildings across the street. While the Alphabiotic Training Academy itself is intact, the building was damaged and repairs are ongoing. Classes are scheduled to begin in February, with an additional class later in the year TBD.

Classes are held On-Site in Dallas, Thursday through Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Alphabiotic Training Academy
5959 Royal Lane Suite 206
Dallas TX 75230

Your Instructor

Michael Chrane
Michael Chrane

Dr. Michael Chrane continues the ground-breaking work done by his father and grandfather. He reaches out to traditional therapists and laypersons, inviting them to come and learn with him and his teaching staff, what he considers to be an advanced, soul-satisfying, and honorable way to help others.

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